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The Best Unknown Performances Of The Week 5/2/2009

OF Jeremy Hermida, Florida Marlins:  There is little argument that Hermida has proven to be a big disappointment in fantasy circles.  His eight walks last week means there is still hope albeit without the promise of double-digit stolen bases.  The two hits in 22 ABs last week defintely over-shadow everything else.

OF Michael Cuddyer, Minnesota Twins:  Carlos Gomez' wife had the poor timing of having a child during a week that Cuddyer draws eight walks and strikes out twice.  The season to date SLG of .381 keeps Cuddyer's week from being remarkable anywhere but here.

OF/2B Willie Bloomquist, Kansas City Royals:  7-14 would have made anyone forced to keep Bloomquist active elated, but his five walks against one K makes me think there may be more happiness to come - for AL-only leagues.  For the season, Willie has walked eight times versus five Ks. 

OF Danny Murphy, New York Mets:  For all the attention given Murphy for his defensive lapses, he continues to hit.  Zero Ks during the week tells me the rookie is long for the line-up.  8 walks and 5 strikeouts in 2009 makes Murphy a dark horse ROY candidate

SP Joel Pineiro, St. Louis Cardinals:  His Ks (5) are not good, but he walked just a batter in two starts.  As long as he maintains that kind of control, he should be a solid starter in all formats.  Playing for the Cardinals should allow Wins to overshadow the low K totals.

SP Sidney Ponson, Kansas City Royals:  Mentioning Piniero took some effort, but Ponson?  He also walked just a batter in two starts, but struck out eight.  For the season, Ponson is Ponson, but the whole point of this weekly exercise is to try on uncover gems that cannot be seen in the season to date numbers.