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Saturday Roto Round Up

SP Ted Lilly, Chicago Cubs:  Over eight innings, Lilley struck out 10 Florida Marlins.  Am I the only person who thinks spotting starters against the Marlins is a good way to chase Ks?

3B Brandon Wood, Los Angeles Angels:  After being recalled and seeing 5 ABs over two games, Wood got the start at 3B.  Unfortunately, the spot start came against C.C. Sabathia.  One could think Angels' manager Mike Scioscia was setting Wood up to fail.  However, Wood came through with a 2-4 day and a walk.

OF Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles:  With a HR and a SB, Jones gave every fantays player what they want from a hitter.  Adding a 3-6 was just a bonus.  At .371 for the year, I can't think of what his owner would accept that another team should offer.

OF Travis Snider, Toronto Blue Jays:  After an 0-5, one of the season's hot 1st week players is now hitting .239.  At this point, Snider has no mixed league value, and his AL-Only value is close to zero in redraft leagues.

OF Adam Dunn, Washington Nationals:  With his 7th HR of the young season, Dunn does not look to be in for the end of his 40-HR streak.  At .299, he would have his career year.  The first statement seems a heck of a lot more likely than the second.

OF Jordan Schafer, Atlanta Braves:  I mentioned Schafer's OBP last week, and he continued to do so through Friday.  In the lead-off spot yesterday, Schafer went 2-5 but struck out three times he made outs.  This bears watching.  If Schafer can stay at the top of the Braves' order, he will have legitmate mixed league value.

DH Dave Dellucci, Cleveland Indians:  2-4 on the day Matt LaPorta was recalled.  Why wasn't LaPorta starting at DH?

SP Jeff Neimann, Tampa Bay Rays:  What a time to have the kind of start that makes everyone remember Neimann is pitching in David Price's spot?  Three innings, six runs and 10 runners allowed against the 1st place Red Sox.

OF Ryan Spillborghs, Colorado Rockies:  While his .309 AVG is not as good as Adam Jones, Spillborghs had one of the best games a fantays owner could hope for.  He hit two HRs and stole two bases!   Three runs scored and a 3-4 are secondary.

OF Justin Upton, Arizona Diamondbacks:  He is now hitting .269 with 3 HRs.  Neither is gaudy nor is either of them worthy of the accolades Upton receives from the punditocracy.  However, they are certainly good enough for the Diamondbacks line-up and to keep B.J.'s little brother in the majors. 

SP Ross Ohlendorf, Pittsburgh Pirates:  A throw-in to last July's Xavier Nady trade ran his record to 3-2 as a starter.  He walked two in six innings but struck out just two.  With just 12 ks in 31 innings, Ohlendorf will sit where Joe Saunders and Armando Galarraga sat last season - on the list of starting pitchers bound to blow-up.

RP Mike Wuertz, Oakland A's:  With closer Brad Ziegler waylaid by illness, Wuertz notched his second save in that absence.  While I'd jump to the conclusion Wuertz is the next in line, A's manager Bob Geren said this on

"I like all those guys [in the bullpen].  [Russ] Springer can do it; Wuertz can do it; and I might even give [Andrew] Bailey a shot at it."

8th Inning Set-Up: Darren O'Day TEX (2)

Saves: Fernando Rodney DET (5), Chad Qualls AZ (6), Frank Francisco TEX (7), Mike Wuertz  OAK (2)

Blown Saves: George Sherrill BAL (2)