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NFL Draft 2009 Review: WR Derrick Williams

I can’t believe I’m typing this, but the Detroit Lions actually made a good wide receiver draft selection.  What are the odds?

The Lions waited until the third round to draft WR Derrick Williams out of Penn State.  Williams was ranked by some scouts as the top recruit in the nation when he signed with Penn State and was a large part of the recent resurgence of the Nittany Lions (40-11 during his four seasons).   Now he tries to resurge (yeah, I know) another set of Lions.

Williams is an intriguing fantasy choice because he's both talented and underrated.  First, he lands in a good situation (Detroit doesn't have a lot of talent on the offense) and he should see some playing time right away. 

Second, he dropped in the draft for a stupid reason.  Williams had the flu at the NFL Combine and ran a sloooow 4.65 second time in the 40 yard dash.  Many teams saw that and immediately dropped him down the list.  Speed is all-important for WRs you know.  Williams reportedly ran a much faster time at Penn State’s Pro Day, but if you've seen film of the guy you know he can run (If you haven't, just trust me.)  He should start off the season returning kicks for Detroit and should work his way onto the starting lineup by mid-season. 

If the Lions had a quarterback better than Daunte Freaking Culpepper, I’d be recommending Williams as a possible fantasy draft pick.  For now, don’t draft him but keep him on the list of guy you’re scouting week to week.