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NFL Draft 2009 Review: WRs Bryan Robiskie, Mohamed Massaquoi

The Cleveland Browns have some problems on offense this year.  Their starting running back is an aging plodder, their leading tight end is no longer on the team, their WR1 is disgruntled and their WR2 just killed some guy.  Oh yeah, their starting quarterback is Brady Anderson. 

No wait, let me correct that.  Their starting quarterback is not a inexplicable one-season wonder.  Instead, it's either Derek Anderson (3,787 passing yards in 2007) or Brady Quinn (37 TDs his senior year).

See the difference?

No matter who is starting at quarterback, the Browns have holes all over the offense.  They decided the best way to fix the problem is to double down on rookie WRs, drafting WR Brian Robiskie out of Ohio State and WR Mohamed Massaquoi out of Georgia with their two picks in the 2nd round.  A lot of scouts really liked Robiskie so the Browns may have gotten a steal.  He's big, strong and "mature" - which either means "old" or "not as psycho as the usual WR".  He has a good chance to be starting for the Browns opposite Edwards, and if the QB situation is resolved he could be worth a bye-week fill-in.  Maybe, but it's a long shot.

Massaquoi is another guy with potential, but it doesn't seem as though there's any room for him to start this season.  He might be a solid WR in the future, but he's not worth anything to your fantasy team this year.

Keep in mind the recent history of teams that drafted multiple WRs in the early rounds of a draft.  In 2005, Tennessee drafted Courtney Roby and Brandon Jones in the 3rd round -- both were busts. Last season the Redskins drafted WRs Devin Thomas and Malcom Kelly in the 2nd round, setting off a frenzy of FFL expectations which were
painfully crushed. The 2005 Titans and the 2008 Redskins were alike; while WR was a major need, the team had other problems that couldn't be fixed by two rookie WR.  The 2009 Browns have the same issues, and I expect their two rookie WRs will also disappoint.