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Mixed League FAAB Bids: Jason Isringhausen

Who are the mixed leaguers who have the most at stake grabbing from the free agent pool? It is a question that I think is answered best by examining the FAAB bids of the NFBC.

Jeff Erickson of Rotowire has posted the bids in his NFBC league. This week's winner is former closer Jason Isringhausen of the Tampa Bay Rays. With the rumored retirement of the team's current closer Troy Percival following his disabled listing, the job is wide open.

Isringhausen received a 12.7% bid (out of $1,000 FAAB). The other Rays' arms bid upon were Dan Wheeler (5.6%), J.P. Howell (4.5%), Joe Nelson (3.8%) and Grant Balfour (3.1%).