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NL-Only League Trade Part 3: How Did I Do?

To follow up my two previous trade posts, on Friday I finalized a deal that was discussed for approximately two weeks.

The previous trade offer l I discussed here was about trading Juan PIerre and Ryan Franklin for Jay Bruce and Joel Piniero. Well, Bruce was dealt elsewhere, and I decided to keep Pierre for the SBs.

Here is the deal that I agreed to: I traded Emilio Bonifacio and Ryan Franklin for Brian Barden, Joel Pineiro and Rick Ankiel.

I am not high on Bonifacio, as he is more of a Juan Pierre type player with a much lower AVG. With Tonly LaRussa as manager of the Cardinals, and Jason Motte and Chris Perez breathing down his neck, Franklin could be pulled from the closer spot with a few blown saves.

In return, I get another power hitter in Ankiel, and another starter in Pineiro. Barden was thrown in so that both rosters would be whole when the trade was accepted. With Ankiel coming off the DL on Sunday, I will drop Barden. As for saves, I have Huston Street, LaTroy Hawkins and Joel Hanrahan. Not great, but they fill the role. Plus, Motte is a free agent in this league, so I can always grab him should Jose Valverde return in June.

Which side of the deal do you like more?