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NFL Draft 2009 Review: WR Kenny Britt

This April, the Titans looked at their WR depth chart, saw that it listed Nate Washington and Justin Gage, wondered where the first page of the depth chart was, looked around including under the couch, realized they WERE looking at the first page of the depth chart, freaked out, and drafted Kenny Britt.

You know times are changing when an offensive player from Rutgers (Rutgers?!) is taken in the first round of the NFL Draft, huh? Britt is in a pretty good situation in Tennessee.  The Titans have a strong running game and a confident, veteran QB in Kerry Collins.  Britt might be the most talented WR on the roster right now, so his fantasy value this season depends on how quickly he can pick up the offense and get acclimated to the NFL.  If he can do that quickly, then he should be the best fantasy WR on the Titans' roster.  If he does it slowly, then he could be invisible for a while.  "A while" might even mean the entire season.

Even if Britt gets up to speed right away, the Titans are still a run-first offense so I don't expect huge receiving numbers in any case.  Kenny Britt does have a lot of talent though and you just know Collins is dying to chuck the ball down field.  This is a toss-up:  the guy could be another rookie bust or he could be this year's Donnie Avery.  Keep an eye on the Titans' camp to see if they announce that Britt will be starting on opening weekend.