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The Best Unknown Performances Of The Week 05/23/2009

The Memorial Day edition of the Best Unknown Performances is highlighted by a pair of Washington Nationals' rookies.  The team scores runs.  The addition of Steven Strasburg in a couple weeks will given the team a very young controllable rotation.  Solving the bullpen woes could launch this team as soon as 2010.

SP Jordan Zimmermann, Washington Nationals:  Despite an unattractive ERA and WHIP, Zimmermann still struck out 13 last week in his two starts.  For the season, his 39 Ks in 41 innings with just 12 walks makes him one of the more intriguing pitchers as bail season kicks-off.

SP Ross Detwiler, Washington Nationals: Thanks to the MLB Network, I was able to watch Detwiler's second start of the season.  He was consistently over 90 MPH on the TV gun and as high as 95.  I know that may be unreliable, but closer Joel Hanrahan was clocked in the same area.  Few dispute Hanrahan throws in the 90s.  Detwiler's eleven innings saw him wrack-up 10 Ks versus 4 walks with a 0.82 WHIP

SP Clayton Richard, Chicago White Sox: I admit to be surprised by Richards' week.  11 Ks over 13 IP forced me to double check my calculations.  Sure enough, Richard did that well and has done well all season, WHIP notwithstanding.

2B/3B Casey McGehee, Milwaukee Brewers: When Rickie Weeks was lost for the season, all fantasy pundits hoped for a way to get rookie Mat Gamel's bat into the line-up everyday  by moving the 3B platoon of Craig Counsell and Bill Hall to 2B.  We still do.  However, the Brewers moved Counsell and paired him with McGehee.  With a chance to play regularly, he managed four walks in 16 plate appearances without striking out.

SS Elvis Andrus, Texas Rangers:  Without tearing up AA (.367 SLG), the possibility of Andrus being a .600 OPS rookie was distinct.  Last week, he didn't draw a walk, but he also didn't strike out.  That kind of contact rate will prevent the .600 OPS.  For the year, his contact rate sits at a nice 87%.