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Wednesday's Roto Round Up: David Ortiz Homers! Jose Reyes Aggravates Calf Injury

Wednesday's roto roundup is highlighted by 5 more HRs hit at the new Yankee Stadium.

OF, Chris Young, ARI-Young got the start in the 1st game of teh Diamondbacks doubleheader and took the Golden Sombrero, striking out 4 times in 4 ABs. Earth to AJ Hinch-send CY down to AAA so he can work on his swing and gain back some confidence.

3B, Mark Reynolds, ARI-Reynolds went all Carl Crawford on the Marlins in the 1st game of the double dip, stealing 4 bases, giving him 8 on the season. In the 2nd game of the DH, he hit 2 HRs. He now has 11 HRs on the season. Could he go 30-20?? Of course he will. I didn't give him a raise in UBA-consider it done!!

OF, Justin Upton, ARI-Upton hit 2 3-run HRs in the 2nd game of the double dip with the Marlins. Yes, Upton has arrived at the young age of 21. He now is hitting 9-26-.313-.385-.626-1.011.

SP, Chris Carpenter, STL-Carpenter returned from the DL and pitched 5 shutout innings, allowing 3 hits, 2 BBs, and striking out 4. You can get him in your lineup if you haven't done so already.

SS, Stephen Drew, ARI-Hinch, again, batted Drew cleanup in both games of the DH in Florida. Drew should see alot more RBI opportunities.

SP, Phil Hughes, NYY-Hughes pitched well enough to retain his spot in the rotation, striking out 9 and walking only 1 on 5 innings vs the Orioles. He did give up 2 HRs though, but he should get used to that pitching at Yankee Stadium.

2B, Robinson Cano, NYY-Cano hit his 7th HR and drove in 3 runs. He now has driven in 22 this season, and is hitting over .300. I guess 2008 was an aberration for Cano.

 DH, David Ortiz, BOS-Ortiz finally hit his first HR of the season. It took him 149 ABs. Maybe Francona was right, he could get hot.

SS, Jose Reyes, NYM-Reyes aggravated his calf injury and was pulled out of the Dodgers-Mets game in the bottom of the 3rd inning. A DL stint is possible. Metfans can only hope that Ramon Martinez is not his replacement at SS.