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Tuesday's Roto Round Up: Ortiz Homers!

DH David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox:  Ortiz homered!  Sorry, that was Houston Astros' starting pitcher Russ Ortiz who hit his 1st HR of the season.  David Ortiz still has zero.

After taking a weekend series off to clear his head, Ortiz returned to the three-hole and went oh-fer with a walk and two ks.  The rest of the Red Sox line-up didn't fair much better against Brian Tallet, but still.

1B Mark Teixeira, New York Yankees:  Despite his .241 average, Teixeria has eleven HRs and 30 RBIs.  Nearly a quarter of the way through the season, who'd have thought he'd be on pace for 44/120 with that AVG.

SP Dontrelle Willis, Detroit Tigers:  Welcome back to fantasy baseball conversation, Dontrelle!  6.1 scoreless innings with just a hit and two walks against the mighty Texas Rangers' line-up says it is time we start asking if you're the next Zach Greinke.

SS Jason Bartlett, Tampa Bay Rays:  With a SB last night, Bartlett has swiped twelve in the first quarter of the season.  If that was all he had produced, he'd be earning his fantasy dollars, but he has paired those swipes with a .381 AVG and a career-high tying 5 HRs.

SS Hanley Ramirez, Florida Marlins:  Relative to Jason Bartlett's draft value, HanRam's 7 HRs and .348 AVG is very disappointing.

C Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins:  An opposite field HR in the sixth inning off lefty Mark Buerhrle gives Mauer 7 HRs this season.  If Mauer had been playing for two months, this would still be a story.  Having done it in just over two

SP Joel Pineiro, St. Louis Cardinals:  A complete game shutout took Pinerio's record to 5-3 with a 3.48 ERA.  More interesting was the 17:4 GB/FB ratio.  Entering the game, it was 1.7.  Now his GB/FB is 2.13.  The peripherals still scream, "Sell!  Sell! Sell!" though.  19:7 K/BB over 54.1 will make a lot of people pass and hope he isn't the next Joe Saunders.

SP Barry Zito, San Francisco Giants:  A complete game loss in San Diego was accompanied by just three Ks.   That's just being Negative Nancy.  Zito's ERA is now 3.68.  Are you sold?

8th inning Set-Up: Tony Pena, AZ (5), Ryan Madson PHI (7), Todd Coffey MLW (6), Edward Mujica SD (4), Corey Wade LAD (6), Scot Shields LAA (5)

Saves:  Chad Qualls AZ (9), Jonathan Papelbon BOS (11), Brad Lidge PHI (8), Trevor Hoffman MLW (10), Jonathan Broxton LAD (10), Brien Fuentes LAA (10), Heath Bell SD (10)

Blown Saves:  Kerry Wood CLE (2), Sean Burnett PIT (1)