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Fantasy Chat Stew 05/02/2009

The new The Last vegas album is available on iTunes for $5.99.  It is defintely a good buy if you are a fan of the '80s hairband metal sound.   I think the vocals sound a lot more like Kix than you would think from this video: 

columbia,md:  When can I expect Tulo to turn it around ? Is it time to look at Furcal, Asdrubel Cabrera, or getting Alexi Ramirez? Which is the best bet for the rest of the year? Also, how do you see Nelson Cruz finishing out the year(30 hrs, 100rbis, 10-15 sbs)?

Steve Gardner:Remember Tulowitzki started slowly last season too, but finished strong after coming back from an injury. If you can get Furcal though, it would be a nice pickup. He was slightly ahead of Tulo in our preseason rankings. I have both in an NL-only league and am struggling with what to do with Tulo, but I'm very glad I also have Furcal. See if there's a way to keep both on your roster -- if nothing else, you can trade one later in the season. There WILL be a market for either one. I like Cruz and think he'll continue to hit all season long. Plus, the weather hasn't really warmed up in Texas yet. (Not sure about the 15 SBs though.)

Seattle, WA: Do you have any "sell high" candidates that you would unload currently while they are hot?

Ron Shandler: Define "unload." While there is about a 100-point difference between Bobby Abreu's .368 BA and his .271 xBA, I don't know that I could unload him. Some players you just have to ride out even though you know their current performance is assuredly going to tank. Fred Lewis might be someone I'd consider trying to sell high. But what do you do with guys like Jose Morales? Scott Hairston? Andruw Jones?

Joe V. (Washington, DC): Hi John. Let's talk Joba: not the "back to the bullpen" nonsense but the fact that his stuff has looked really ordinary so far this year. Time to worry or will his fastball heat up with the weather?

John Perrotto: Normally, I'm in favor of using your best arms in the rotation to get as much value from them as possible. However, given the makeup of the Yankees' bullpen, I really think I would move him back to the bullpen and keep him there through the entire season. I can't see them getting to the postseason with the way the bullpen is currently constituted.

Brenden (Houston): What is the deal with Tulo this season? Was his 07 a fluke?

Jason Grey: Absolutely not a fluke. He'll be fine, and he's a good buy low candidate. I've seen him for two series this year and his swing looks fine to me - he'll come around.

john, nyc: Liriano or Cole Hamels?

Matthew Berry: I'll say Liriano but I like both to rebound. Liriano started slow last year and getting Mauer back will help the Twins pitching.

nick (bos): jason, jordan zimmermann is unowned in my league. do i drop kyle davies for him?

Jason Grey: I think over the balance of the season, Davies will have more value, even though I do like Zimmermann.


Steve (NY): Rob, enough about whether he belongs in the pen or the rotation, can you explain why Joba's velocity is down as compared to last year's STARTS? He was regularly throwing 94-96 MPH and was DOMINANT. Now he's at 91-93 and getting hit. Verlander redux?

Rob Neyer: He's not getting hit *that* hard, is he? It certainly has to be a concern, though. If he really can't do better than 91-93, maybe he belongs in the bullpen after all. I'd give it a few more weeks (or months).


Pat (BK): When Mauer is back how many games in a row will he be playing?

Stephania Bell: Pat: Good question. Tiwns have already indicated that they plan to give him regular days off, saying they could even keep 3 catchers on their roster. Tells me they have some concerns about his symptoms returning if he does too much back to back work. So have to keep that in mind if he's on your roster. I'd only want him if I could change my lineup daily.


brian (WI): should i drop joba for hughes and why?

Tristan H. Cockcroft : No way, but that's more because Joba Chamberlain in no way is exiting that rotation when Chien-Ming Wang returns to action unless Phil Hughes is as dominant in his next two turns as he was last night. I'm not saying it can't happen, but I'm not adjusting my team based upon that possibility ... yet. (And I know what I wrote in today's "Out of the Box," but today, Wednesday, it's more an angle of my proposal to better that team than that I believe it's destined to happen.)

jsm (dallas): Should I be worried about Feliz's start to the season in Oklahoma City?

Ben Badler: He's still one of the top 6-10 or so pitching prospects in baseball, but yes, the walks are troubling.


Ryan (Boston): Eric, Wandy Rodriguez is sitting out on our free agent list right now. He's looked really good so far this year, but would you drop Slowey, Liriano, Nolasco, or Shields for him? Thanks in advance!

Eric Karabell : Wandy is good, but I'm not sure I could cut any of those other names to get him. I might try to trade Liriano, though. He is not the same guy of a few years ago, and his fastball is getting hammered. We have to lower expectations for him, so if you find someone who truly believes, see what you can get. I'm angry I turned down Carlos Zambrano for Liriano a month ago. Wandy ranks a close fifth here. 


Scott from Philly: AJ..My lineup is very bad..I need hitters..should I trade Tim Lincecum for Vlad and Josh Hamilton???

AJ Mass: Why would you trade away your ace for damaged goods? The other owner is the one who should be lucky to get top value for these guys, not the other way around.


Closet A's fan (NY): What do you think of Phil Hughes performance last night? Can he keep it up?

Keith Law: Looked pretty good, not outstanding, but much improved. The life on the two-seamer addresses one of the concerns I had about him in the past (four-seamer was pretty true). And he pitched out of a jam that I don't think he would have escaped last year. Plus Detroit has a good lineup. Cautious optimism.


Ragan (Philly): Knowing what you know today about how each player's April would turn out, what would be your top 5 if you were to redraft this year?

AJ Mass: Ian Kinsler, Zack Greinke, Albert Pujols, Aaron Hill, Raul Ibanez


Joe (Chicago): How long will Masterson keep his spot in the rotation? Is he a good pickup in a 10 team league?

Brendan Roberts: The Sox are still saying he'll stay in there as long as Dice-K is out, which won't be much longer. But ya know, they can't have too much patience with Penny, especially if Masterson is pitching well. I think he has nice 2009 value. As in, I think he'll end up with 15-plus starts.


Josh (Queens): jerry what do yout think about the mets solving their starting pitching woes by trading maine, church and a prospect like eddie kunz or nick evans for either roy oswalt or jake peavy?

Jerry Crasnick: Josh, Thanks for sending in this week's "Wishful Thinking Trade of the Week.''


Jessie ( West Chester Pa. ): Hello Jayson! Can I get your thoughts on Ryan Howards drastic transformation on the defensive side of the ball?

Jayson Stark: Ryan Howard made a commitment this winter to be more of a complete player, because he didn't want people to think of him as just a guy who hits a lot of home runs and strikes out 200 times and doesn't catch the ball. So he's really remade himself as a player on a lot of levels, and especially defense. He and Sam Perlozzo did a lot of work in Florida in the offseason, and you can see the results. Footwork is much better. And his confidence in the field is much better. It also doesn't hurt that he lost all that weight.


Chuggies: (Parts Unknown): Buster, the part that bothered me the most about A-Rod was the pitch-tipping. Is this a common practice around the league that the average fan just doesn't know about? Might this explain A-Rod's bat not showing up in the playoffs?

Buster Olney: Chuggies: It's an interesting tidbit, but I need to know more specifics (and see the book) before judging. Was it done once? Was it done all the time? Who were his partners in the pitch-tipping conspiracy? Before Baseball Tonight, we had a production meeting and both Eric Young and Eduardo Perez opined that it would be very difficult to pull off extensively. Michael Young called the suggestion ridiculous. I don't know -- I need to know more about what the information is, and the source(s?).


Bobby (Milwaukee): I have Derrek Lee on my fantasy team and was wondering if its worth it to keep him. Fowler, Morgan, Asdrubal, Teahan are out there. What do you think I should do?

James Quintong: Lee's start is a bit puzzling, but he's still got enough to turn it around the rest of the way. Unless you really need the steals, I'd stay put, or else I'd look at Fowler and maybe Morgan.