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NFL Draft 2009 Review: QBs Pat White, Stephen McGee

After the "Big 3" of rookie quarterbacks, we come to a couple of guys that won't have immediate fantasy value, but you should at least know their names.

Pat White, Miami Dolphins -- He was originally expected to join the team as a tailback or a wide reciever as scouts believed he didn't have the skills to be an NFL Quarterback.  He has three Bowl Game MVP awards and he was drafted in the fourth round by the Los Angeles Angels, so the guy has some crazy athletic skills even if he won't be taking snaps. 

Then again, maybe he WILL be taking snaps.  The only thing separating him from being the Dolphins' starting QB is a Chad Pennington injury and Chad Henne.  He should be able to get past Henne on the depth chart based on sheer athleticism alone.

Hopefully he's more like Antwann Randle-El than Eric Crouch, but his knowledge of the "Wildcat" offense makes him a perfect fit for the Dolphins no matter where they put him.  He should be a trendy late round fantasy sleeper that could score running, passing or catching the ball.

Stephen McGee, Dallas Cowboys -- The Cowboys have Tony Romo ensconced in the starters spot ("ensconced" is pretty good huh?) and veteran Jon Kitna was signed to be the backup.  There are several teams in the NFL without a single QB as good as either of those two so the 'Boys are set.  McGee is apparently being groomed for the future Matt-Cassel-style.  No value this year unless there's a string of QB injuries in Dallas.