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Matt Kemp: What Is His Worth In A Trade?

I have made it know that I am willing to deal Matt Kemp in the UBA league, an NL-only 4x4 league. I also made it know that I am willing to deal an outfielder for a closer.

Here is my list of outfielders:

Matt Kemp-$20 L1

Andre Ethier-$23 S2

Juan Pierre-$10 S2

Ryan Spilborghs-$1 S1

Josh Willingham-$9 S2

Milton Bradley-$20 S2

Manny Ramirez-$50 0

I have Jose Valverde as my only closer, but he is on the DL. I am currently in 5th place, about 2.5 points out of 3rd, 6.5 points out of 2nd, and 13.5 points out of 1st.

I need another closer as I am in last place in the saves category, again. Once Valverde returns, I cam make up about 6-8 points in saves.

But my question is this, is Matt Kemp worth more than a closer, or an ace starting pitcher? I assumed I could get more, but have yet to receive more than a closer or starting pitcher for him. At this point, I haven't made any counter-offers, but want to know if I am valuing Kemp too high?