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NFL Draft 2009 Review: RBs James Davis, Javarris Williams

Wrapping up the running back portion of the draft review are two guys who won't start this season, but might make some noise in the preseason.

James Davis was once considered to be one of the elite rushers in college football (1064 rushing yards in 2007), but had declined so much that he shared time his senior year at Clemson.  In a scenario the exact opposite of Bejamin Button, Jamal Lewis is rapidly getting *older* each year so the Browns decided to take a sixth round flyer just in case.  Davis might not even make the final roster coming out of camp, but considering how often Browns get injured in the off-season, he could be #2 on the Cleveland depth chart by August.

The Kansas City Chiefs have Larry Johnson as their starting running back. Unless he gets traded or goes to jail.   After that they have Jamaal Charles -- a guy I really like this season -- as their backup running back.  Unless he gets traded.  Hey, a year ago the Chiefs were swearing up and down that the future of the franchise depended on Brody Croyle (he *will* be the starter) and Tony Gonzalez (he *will not* be traded).  Fast forward a year and Croyle is on the bench and Gonzalez is in Atlanta.  So who knows?  

That inability to predict the Chiefs is the only reason I'm mentioning Javarris Williams, a seventh-round draft pick out of Tennessee State.  He's big and strong and third on the depth chart -- maybe fourth if you remember Kolby Smith, a guy who started in place of Larry Johnson at one point last season.  Williams shouldn't have any fantasy value at all this year or probably ever.  Still, with the Chiefs you never know.