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The Best Unknown Performances of the Week 05/17/2009

There were some data issues with the pitchers.  The weekly calculations were incorrect.  There is no way a SP can get three starts in seven days.  Or eight days.  So this week's top unknown performances are all by hitters.

And may as well be for two-catcher AL- and NL-Only players, too.

C Carlos Ruiz, Philadelphia Phillies:  For the week, the World Series champions' catcher walked eight times.  Maybe he will live-up to his 2008 sleeper status in 2009.

C Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins:  His power is surprising.  Shocking actually, but it has come without detriment to his batting eye.  Mauer walked seven times last week and struck out just twice.

C Chris Snyder, Arizona Diamondbacks:  Snyder's ability to draw walks has never been an issue.  Nor was it one last week when he drew six and whiffed just three times.  He's got a way's to go to make his AVG palatable.  Striking out less than he walks will go a ways towards doing that.

1B/3B Jeff Larish, Detroit Tigers:  His three HRs on the left-side of a potential platoon are what most people notice.  I like to see that power accompanied by five walks and a couple of Ks.

C Kurt Suzuki, Oakland A's:  He drew just three walks for the week, but he did it without striking out in 21 plate appearances.  I'll take 7-18 with a SB every week from my #2 catcher.