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NL Only 5x5 League Trade Part 2: Should I Make This Offer?

In the same 5x5 league where I made the Dunn trade yesterday, I have another owner who wants Juan Pierre and Ryan Franklin from me.

He originally offered me Jay Bruce and Jeff Weaver for Willy Taveras and Ryan Franklin, but I received the Dunn offer which I felt was better.

Should I offer him Juan Pierre and Ryan Franklin for Jay Bruce and either Jeff Weaver or Joel Piniero? I have Huston Street, LaTroy Hawkins and former/future Nats closer, depending on the day, Joel Hanrahan.

If I make this deal, along with the Dunn deal and the return of Manny in July, I think I can make up 10-11 points in the HR and RBI categories, and maybe lose 2-3 in the SB category. Add in the fact that Pierre will not start come July 3rd, I think this is a no-brainer.