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NL Only 5x5 League Trade Part 1: How Did I Do?

Yesterday, In my "big" NL only league, I traded Reds CFer Willy Taveras and Cubs OFer Milton Bradley for Nationals OFer Adam Dunn and Padres OFer Jody Gerut. I am currently 2nd in SBs, and still have Juan Pierre, Emilio Bonafacaio, Jerry Hairston and Jayson Werth to keep me competetive in the SB category.

With the suspension of Manny Ramirez, I needed another power hitter to stay in contact with the top 3-4 teams in HRs and RBI, so I targeted Dunn who should keep me in the race in the power categories. I am currently in the middle of the pack in the HR and RBI categories. My power hitters are Carlos Lee, Joey Votto, Jayson Werth and disappointing Geovany Soto. I have Manny on the suspended list and Edwin Encarnacion on the DL (with Adam Rosales as his replacement).

My original offer to the same team was Taveras and Cardinals closer Ryan Franklin (I also have Street, Hanrahan and Hawkins) for Dunn and Padres SP Josh Geer. He countered that he didn't need a closer, and made me the offer of Dunn and Gerut for Bradley and Taveras, which I quickly accepted. I think that may have been the quickest ACCEPT to a trade offer I have ever made.

I am in 3rd place in this league, 5 points out of 2nd and 12 points out of 1st place.

How did I do?