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How Close Have You Been Following Along?

We're a little more than 20% through the 2009 season.  Let's see how well you've been paying attention.


1. I lead the Yankees in HR and am the 16th rated player according to Yahoo.  Who am I?


2. I have 9 more HR than my next closest teammate.  Who am I?


3. I'm 21 years old, I hit in a pitchers park and my average, OBP, and slugging percentage have gone up all three years I've been in the majors.  Who am I?


4. I'm hitting .390 with 0 walks in 100 AB and my slugging percentage is .500.  In 2005, my first year with my current team, I hit .219 in 456 AB with a .574 OPS.  Who am I?


5. Four of the top ten preseason rated pitchers are currently ranked 500+.  Name them?  This will be much easier if you own any of them.


6. Four hitters that were widely drafted in the first 2 rounds are hitting .212 or worse.  Name them.


7. Two of the top three leaders in runs are on the same team.  What team are they on and who are they?


8. In '07-'08 I had 4 HR in 1117 AB.  In '09 I have 5 HR in 125 AB.  Who am I?


9. We are teammates who've combined for 14 HR and 15 singles and play in the park with the largest OF in the majors.  Who are we?


10. I'm a starting pitcher, I have as many walks as wins and I'm really freaking good.  Who am I?

1. Johnny Damon - 9 HR

2. Adrian Gonzalez - 13 HR, Scott Hairston - 4 HR

3. Justin Upton

4. Cristian Guzman

5. Brandon Webb, CC Sabathia, Cole Hamels, and Francisco Liriano

6. Mark Teixeira, Jimmy Rollins, BJ Upton, and Lance Berkman

7. Nick Markakis (33 runs) and Adam Jones (35 runs)

8. Ryan Theriot

9. Ian Stewart (7 singles, 6 HR) and Chris Iannetta (9 singles, 7 HR)

10. Roy Halladay - 7 wins, 7 walks, really freaking good