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Wednesday Roto Round Up: Albert Pujols Is The Best But

1B Adrian Gonzalez, San Diego Padres:  His two HRs have taken him into a tie for the most HRs in the major leagues with 13.  He is tied with Albert Pujols and Carlos Pena. 

I know Pujols is the best hitter in baseball, but I am not sold on selecting him over players at positions with less depth when Gonzalez is available in the 3rd round and Pena in the 7th. 

OF Gerard Parra, Arizona Diamondbacks:  With Conor Jackson on the D.L. with something that presents as swine flu, Parra got the start in centerfield in place of the struggling Chris Young.  A message?  After Parra hit a homerun in his first major league AB, maybe.

SP Cliff Lee, Cleveland Indians:  Seven shutout innings have brought the ERA of last season's CY Young winner to 3.00 and erased any concerns last season was a fluke.  Lee's follow-up season is even better if you only look at his last six starts - 44 IP and 7 ER.  I can't imagine anyone sold low after his first two starts, but, if someone did, lessen learned.

1B Fernando Tatis, New York Mets:  With Carlos Delgado out with a hip problem, Tatis filled-in and hit his 2nd HR of the season.  In just 53 ABs, Tatis is hitting 358/417/566.  Last season was no fluke.  He is a good fill-in at 1B in most formats.

OF Elijah Dukes, Washignton Nationals:  There is nothing to complain about Dukes' slash stats.  280/353/477 is as solid as any team can ask, but six caught stealings in eight attempts?  I always thought manager Manny Acta knew how to protect outs.

New York Yankees Line-Up:  Batting 6th - Melky Cabrera.  Batting 7th - Brett Gardner.  Batting 8th - Ramiro Pena.  Batting 9th - Francisco Cervelli.  That is not a play-off team botton of the order.

OF Juan Pierre, Los Angeles Dodgers:  2-4 with two SBs has Pierre continuing to produce.  Overall, he is 12-25 with 4 SBs and five doubles (!) since replacing Manny Ramirez in the line-up.

OF Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers:  A HR and three walks is the kind of boxscore I like to see in my late 1st round draft picks.  Another day like this, and nobody will think about the time he missed on the D.L.

OF Shane Robinson, St. Louis Cardinals:  Robinson hit 2nd in the first game since Ryan Ludwick went on the D.L.  He went 1-4.  i can't honestly say I think he will be ultra-productive, but his minor league numbers make me think he could produce fantasy stats on par with Skip Schumaker.

2B Rickie Weeks, Milwaukee Brewers:  Another HR has given one of fantasy baseball's more disappointing players 9 HRs so far.  Whatever Willie Randolph has done is working.  Weeks should be starting at 2B/MM/UT in most formats.

SS Ryan Theriot, Chicago Cubs:  The SS who had 4 HRs the previous two seasons covering 1,117 ABs hit his 5th of the season.  His BB:K over the same period was 1.13.  This year it is 0.57.

SP Matt Palmer, Los Angeles Angels:  A complete game win over the Boston Red Sox may have been the one to convert the unbelievers - just in time for John Lackey and Ervin Santana to return.  No matter what happens, the 29-year-old rookie has done well and earned a share of the post-season money.

8th Inning Set-up: Dan Wheeler TB (5), Joe Beimel WAS (6), Carlos Villanueva MLW (5)

Saves: Mike Gonzalez ATL (6), J.P. Howell TB (1), Kip Wells WAS (2), Matt Capps PIT (6), Trevor Hoffman MLW (7), Carlos Marmol CHC (3)

Blown Saves: Brandon Morrow SEA (1)