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Mixed League NFBC Bids: Juan Cruz And Chris Coghlan

The biggest FAAB bids in Jeff Erickson's NFBC 15-team mixed league were fetched by Florida Marlins rookie Chris Coghlan for 22.5% of the team's $1,000 FAAB and Kansas City reliver Juan Cruz who is getting the first shot to close with Joakim Soria landing on the D.L.. Cruz went for 12.9%.

The Cruz bid seems the easiest to make. As a matter of fact, it seems kind of low given Soria hits the D.L. with a recurrence of shoulder discomfort that isn't pinpointable by a doctor. The is the kind of red falg that leads me to conclude Soria may be out for a bit longer than 15 days.

Chris Coghlan is a rookie 2B expected to handle the transition to the big leagues learning a new position. He may do it, but I am not sold on mixed leaguers needing to add well-known prospects much less someone of Coghlan's caliber. The bid reeks of desperateness.