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The Best Unknown Performances of the Week 5/09/2009

In the week where Los Angeles Dodgers' OF Manny Ramirez was suspended for 50 games, all his teammates bear the burden of making-up for his lost production.  Most believe the team will run more to create scoring opportunities.  Two of his teammates had the kind of weeks that will have to be very frequent for the Dodgers' offense to miss Manny just a little.

C Russell Martin, Los Angeles Dodgers:  A 9-17 week with eight walks and a K qualify as successful regardless of the presence of just one extra base hit amongst the nine.  Martin did steal two bases and contact plus walks plus No Manny Ramirez equals stolen bases from a catcher.

OF Juan Pierre, Los Angeles Dodgers:  For all the hate Pierre draws as an on-base adverse $45MM outfielder, he always puts the bat on the ball.  Getting the chance to play every day thanks to the Manny Ramirez PED suspension, Pierre did not strike out in 20 plate appearances.  He was caught stealing twice in three attempts, though, but did manage one more extra base hit than Russell Martin.

SP Jorge de la Rosa, Colorado Rockies:  For the week ending Saturday, de la Rosa struck out 15 in 13 innings of work.  Over that period, he walked four and allowed just seven hits.  He was a trendy sleeper entering the season.  maybe all the analysis that went into that appellation is bearing fruit.

SP Edwin Jackson, Tampa Bay Rays:  In 13 innings, the former Dodgers phenom struck out 14, too.  He walked one less batter but allowed six more hits than de la Rosa did.  After a decent recovery from his professional lows in 2008, he looks like he may be taking the next step towards stud prospect recovery.  His walks are down and his Ks are up.

OF Jose Guillen, Kansas City Royals:  Guillen has returned from an injured hip and has produced like a top outfielders.  He drew six walks with jsut two Ks.  He drew just 23 walks last season in 633 ABs.  Despite that horrendous rate, he still drove-in 97 runs.  If Guillen has discovered the ability to take ball four, he could remain one of the top producing outfielders fo 2009.