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10 May Day Predictions

1. All 4 starters for the NL West teams (Peavy, Kershaw, Jimenez, Johnson) pitching on Friday will post Quality Starts despite none of them sporting ERAs currently under 5.74.

2. David Wright will break out of his slump by hitting a homerun off of Chan Ho Park.

3. Mark Hendrickson will beat Roy Halladay and Sidney Ponson will beat Kevin Slowey.

4. The Heat will beat the Hawks to force a game seven and no one will care . . . not even basketball fans.

5. Albert Pujols will homer off Jordan Zimmerman on his way to a better May than April.

6. Keith Law will write a snarky Facebook status update.

7. Russell Martin will go 0-4.  Lifetime .415 OPS vs. Peavy.

8. Dan Uggla will strikeout 2+ times (facing Rich Harden).

9. You'll hear a Swine Flu joke before 10:00am.

10. You'll read this and laugh.