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Brett Favre Released. Who Wants Him?

After drafting QB Mark Sanchez, it was no secret that the Jets didn't want anything to do with Brett Favre.  Today it was made official.

Brett Favre has been released from the reserve-retired list by the New York Jets, making the three-time MVP quarterback free to sign with any team if he decides to again come out of retirement.


The 39-year-old Favre, who spent one disappointing season with New York, had requested the move several weeks ago through agent Bus Cook, but insisted he has no plans to come out of retirement for a 19th season.

No surprise there, although he came out of retirement before.  I think if he had a shot to win another ring, he'd agree to be a backup. 

Hey!  You know which team needs a backup quarterback?  The Patriots.

I'm just saying....