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Kyle Boller Moves To St. Louis

Former first round pick (#19 overall!) Kyle Boller has figured out that he's never going to start in Baltimore as long as Joe Flacco is around, so he's taken a job with the Rams.

"We are happy to add Kyle to our roster," Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo said in a statement released by the team. "We feel that he will be a valuable addition to our team."

Boller, who replaces Trent Green as the backup to Marc Bulger in St. Louis, spent six seasons in Baltimore. He missed all of last season after suffering a shoulder injury during the preseason.

This isn't earth-shaking fantasy news, but considering starting QB Marc Bulger's age (32) and history of injuries (averaging less than 13 starts per season over the past four years) there's a decent chance that Boller will see the field this year.  Maybe for a large portion of the year. The Rams aren't an offensive powerhouse by any means, but a starting QB is a starting QB.

That also means the Ravens need a backup QB for Joe Flacco.  The only other QB on the Baltimore roster is Troy Smith, but he won the Heisman Trophy so he's not any good.  It's likely the Ravens will bring in a veteran during training camp.