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Raygu's NL-Only 5x5 League Draft Results

Yesterday I provided you with my keeper list going into my Sunday morning NL-only auction draft. Here is my keeper list again, along with my draft results:

Benjie Molina-$13

Jesus Flores-$4

James Loney-$6

Dan Uggla-$12

Hanley Ramirez-$20

Mike Fontenot-$8

Chad Tracy-$6

Lastings Milledge-$10

Nate McLouth-$6

Andre Ethier-$15

Manny Ramirez-$32

Ryan Spilborghs-$20

Colby Rasmus-$7

Chad Billingsley-$6

Yovani Gallardo-$13

Jonathon Broxton-$14

Matt Capps-$6

Ricky Nolasco-$18

Paul Maholm-$8

Trevor Hoffman-$8

Johnny Cueto-$10

Sean Marshall-$4

I am happy with my  draft with the exception of overpaying on Spilborghs. I usually don't spend that much on pitching, but felt I could due to the value I had in my hitting keepers. This may be the first year ever where I left money on the table, but there was one team that left $30+ and another left $24. Very strange.

So how did I do? I think I have good balance across all hitting and pitching categories.