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How Will The New Stadiums In New York Play?

Yesterday's New York Post had this tidbit following the Mets' opening game at Citifield:

Once the game started it became clear how much of a pitcher's park Citi Field will be. Tatis was not the only one to watch a blast stay in the park. Boston's Chris Carter had one fall in center field, and Jose Reyes bounced one off the left-field wall, which is 18 feet high.

Within the same piece, there is a report of less foul ground. Those are two conflicting facotrs in determining the bias towards hitting or pitching for a baseball field.

In the two games played at the new Yankees' Stadium, the Yankees have hit seven HRs. Two by Mark Teixeira and one apiece from Cody Ransom, Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano, Shelly Duncan and Hideki Matsui.

Does either bit of information help determine how each stadium will play? I am not sure. I am biased towards Citifield playing to pitchers and that selected quote confirms my bias.

I hadn't thought too much about Yankees stadium, but my spider sense went off when I saw the number of HRs and Derek Jeters right-center field blast. Maybe it is all the advertising, but those fences look close.