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Keeper Decisions: Raygu's NL-Only 4x4 League (UBA)

I will publish my keeper list here on faketeams even though the deadline is Sunday night at 10pm, as my list should be pretty obvious to the other owners in the UBA league. But, along with that, I have a few decisions to make.

Here is my keeper list:

Rafael Furcal-$10 S1

Mark Reynods-$10 0

Matt Kemp-$20 L1

Manny Ramirez-$50 0

Ryan Spilborghs-$1 S1

Ricky Nolasco-$10 S1

Clayton Kershaw-$5 S1

Wandy Rodriguez-$1 S1

Manny Corpas-$1 0

Paul Maholm-$10 S1

Yorvit Torrealba-$3 S1

The keeper decisions I have are the following:

-do I keep David Eckstein at $12 0 or take a $5 hit to my draft budget?

-do I raise Mark Reynolds to $15 L1 and keep him this year and next at $15, or not raise him and lose him next year?

-do I raise Manny Corpas to $6 L1 even though he isn't the Rockies closer?