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Keeper League Auction Draft Strategy

I have to draft 10 players and have just $72 to spend on the smorgasborg of hitters, pitchers and closers. The hardest part in deciding on a draft strategy is getting past the very human desire to want everything. B.J. Upton? I want him, but he's like to go for more than $40. Jonathan Papelbon? Oh, yeah. Alex Rodriguez? Yeah, I'll take him. I want to believe the conspiracy theories floating around the internet.

The problem is I will be left filling the other nine spots with platoon and/or low AVG hitters or no speed and power ones and pitchers whose prospects of quality ratios and prospective Saves exist only in their close relatives' hearts. Regardless, I have built contigency plans based on a number of scaenarios, and will let the draft dictate which way I go. Admittedly, one of them isn't B.J. Upton for $45 and 9 end-game types for $27 combined. (Hey, isn't that a plan?)