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What Was The Strangest Move In Your Fantasy League So Far?

Inspired by the ""Have You Traded Yet?" an Post by acr on early season trades, I am curious what has been the stup...strangest move in your fantasy baseball leagues.

I play in one Yahoo! league where I auto-drafted early and ended-up with C Matt Wieters and SP David Price. It is a standard 12-team Yahoo! league with just three reserve spots. For my own knowledge and experience, I wanted to see how my team would play out if I used two thirds of my bench on two players who would not contribute a single AB or IP during the season.

Currently, I sit in 3rd place just 7.5 points out of 1st. I mention it because this league had the most puzzling move of all the leagues I participate in - Tampa Bay Rays' OF B.J. Upton was waived for Oakland A's OF Jack Cust.