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Peter Gammons & Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

With the majority of fantasy drafts going off this weekend, here is a final column with fantasy baseball sleepers.  Well, not really, but it is Peter Gammons final Spring column, and it always is filled with players who impressed in the Spring.

It is not behind the Insider wall, so I recommend reading the whole thing.  Here is a sample, and, yes, fifteen players is just a fraction of those listed.  It is a definite must read.

Question 2: Which players have you watched who convinced you they are on the brink of a breakout season?

1. Adam Jones, CF, Orioles
2. Chris Volstad, RHP, Marlins
3. Clayton Kershaw, LHP, Dodgers. If he doesn't get rushed too quickly.
4. Chris Iannetta, C, Rockies. One scout says, "he's the most improved player in the majors over the last two years."
5. Chris Davis, 1B, Rangers
6. Cameron Maybin, CF, Marlins
7. Ian Stewart, 2B-LF-3B, Rockies
8. Josh Fields, 3B, White Sox
9. Alexei Ramirez, SS, White Sox
10. Andrew Miller, LHP, Marlins. His past two starts have highlighted the work on his delivery.
11. Brett Gardner, CF, Yankees. If you can't root for him, you can't enjoy the game.
12. Mike Pelfrey, RHP, Mets
13. Francisco Liriano, LHP, Twins
14. Rickie Weeks, 2B, Brewers. Willie Randolph has him slowing down his overall approach.
15. Kyle Davies, RHP, Royals. His stuff is like it was last September, and back where it was during his rise with the Braves.