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FOXSports's Roger Rotter On Fantasy Baseball Sleepers, Alex Rodriguez, Etc.

Just before the launch of the fantasy football season, I posed several questions to FOXSports' fantasy expert Roger Rotter.  As the fantasy baseball season approaches, he was kind enough to answer some more questions.  This time pertaining to the 2009 fantasy baseball season.

1.      What is your favorite format i.e. mixed, single-league, Roto style, H2H, CDM Challenge type and why?

RR:  I enjoy rotisserie of all sorts, including baseball and chicken. I also like playing with 23 starters (2 C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, 5 OF, UT, 9 P) as it effectively tests the skill and acumen of fantasy owners for the draft and in-season. Playing AL- and NL-only provides an even stiffer but fun challenge.  Our FOX Sports fantasy baseball product provides the flexibility to create these type of leagues and numerous more.  

2.      How many leagues do you typically remain interested in each season?

RR:  As many as I create and am invited to play.

3.      Which player(s) do you think will move into the top two rounds next season who are being selected in the later rounds i.e. a la Ian Kinsler this season?

RR:  Tim Lincecum, Carlos Quentin

4.      Three over-rated players?

RR:  Carl Crawford, David Ortiz, Chone Figgins

5.      Three under-rated ones?

RR:  Josh Beckett, Jermaine Dye, Randy Johnson

6.  Which players do you find yourself unable to pass on i.e. I can't resist taking Carlos Gomez?

RR:  These all provide great values and are being drafted later than what they can contribute this season: Kevin Youkilis, Josh Beckett, Jermaine Dye, Milton Bradley, Derek Lowe, Javier Vazquez, Ted Lilly, Nelson Cruz, David Price, Randy Johnson, Brandon Inge.

7.  Which blogs do you visit that others wouldn't be very familiar with - fantasy sports related preferably?

RR:  I like to visit the Fantasy Librarian. also offers fantasy baseball blogs from myselfJohn HalpinMike Harmon and Gerrit Ritt.

8.  When would you pick ARod?

RR:  I'd draft him No. 5 overall after Albert Pujols, Hamley Ramirez, David Wright and Miguel Cabrera. Find out why in my recent article.

For those looking for a fantasy service, 2009 FOX Fantasy Baseball is the only game that is 100% free and features live scoring and custom setup options.  It also offers a fantasy draft guide with expert analysis, team previews and positional rankings.