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Raygu's NL-Only Snake Draft Results

On Wednesday night, I had my "big" league NL-only 10-team 5x5 snake draft. This is the league I won last year with the closer/middle reliever strategy, and have placed in the top 3 (money) for the past 3 years. Well, this year, to prevent me from using this strategy, they instituted a minimum innings rule-1,100 innings, which was fine since I was going to draft starting pitchers this year.

So here is how my draft went-I drafted 10th:

1.Manny Ramirez-he's Dodger and I didn't want to take Matt Kemp or Nate McLouth in the 1st round.

2. Carlos Lee-Should I have selected Kemp, McLouth or Soriano over Lee? Second-guessing myself now.

3. Joey Votto-I think he builds on his rookie season

4. Geovany Soto-a little early, but wanted a stud catcher

5. Willy Taveras-waaaayy early, but think that Dusty will let him run wild this year, and I needed a 40-50 SB threat. JJ Hardy and Cameron Maybin were available....but the SBs were too much to pass up.

6. Jayson Werth-thought about JJ Hardy or a SP here-Oswalt and Billingsley were available, but wanted a 20-20 threat.

7. Ricky Nolasco-do you know he was the best SP from June 1 on in 2008?

8. Edwin Encarnacion-3b was getting thin, thought about taking Ryan Spilborgh here, but figured he would last to round 9.....he didn't. Kicking myself.

9. Josh Johnson-love those Marlins SPs.

10. Milton Bradley-was surprised he was still available in round 10.

11. Mike Fontenot-2b was drying up, had to take him.

12. Johnny Cueto-needed another SP who can strike out guys.

13. Orlando Hudson-fills my MI spot in rd 13.

14. Jerry Hairston-was starting to worry about SBs....could get me 20 as super utility/starter.

15. Jason Motte-closer who can get me K's.

16.Joel Hanrahan-another closer-back-to-back.....also gets K's.

17. Jonathan Sanchez-young pitcher who has high CMD numbers, could break out.

18. Chad Tracy-fills my CI spot, and should start in Arizona.

19. Emilio Bonafacio-wanted even more SBs.....could get me 30 if he can get on base...fills my U spot.

20. Manny Corpas-3rd closer?...can deal him or other closers later in year for SP upgrade.

21. Hong Chi-Kuo-setup man for Broxton in LA, K's alot of batters.

22. Anibal Sanchez-did I tell you I love the Marlins SPs?

23-Chris Coste-2nd C, can hit in a hitters park.

I think I am fine in the offensive categories, especially AVG, SBS and HRs. As far as pitching categories, I need the Sanchez brothers to not blow up, and I am fine in saves. Hopefully my 2 closers and Kuo can keep the WHIP and ERA competitive. I like both Nolasco and Josh Johnson, but am worried about the Sanchez brothers and Johnny Cueto, although Shandler likes Cueto this year.

Some surprise picks:

Albert Pujols at #4 after Hanley Ramirez, Jose Reyes and David Wright.

Shane Victorino selected as 3rd pick in 2nd round before Matt Kemp, Johan Santana, Nate McLouth, Lance Berkman, and Tim Lincecum.

Andre Ethier in the middle of the 4th round. Same owner selected Mark Reynolds in the 5th round.

Some clown took Willy Taveras in the 5th round....wait a minute!!

Chris Young (SP) selected in the 11th round before Johnny Cueto, Ubaldo Jimenez and Max Sherzer.

How did I do?