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Mixed League FAAB Bids: NFBC

This week's FAAB bids in Jeff Erickson's NFBC league are up.  As a reminder, this is a 15-team mixed league that has a $1,000 FAAB budget.  When I present the bids, they will be in the form of a percentage of the total FAAB i.e. a $100 bid will be "10%".

I find this information important because of the proliferation of mixed leagues, and no real way to determine who should and shouldn't be picked-up.  By using a high stakes mixed league, I hope to provide some valuable tips for those in less deep leagues.  By putting their money where their motuh is, one can determine more accurately who is expected to be valuable.

Amongst the higher bids were San Diego Padres OF Brian Giles and New York Yankees OF Melky Cabrera.  Each fetched a 3.3% bid.  The highest bid for the week was Toronto Blue Jays SP Brian Tallet at 10.7%.  I guess someone believes the Jays have discovered a magicn formula that makes mediocre pitchers fantasy valuable.

For the complete list of bids, visit Rotosynthesis.  You'll also see what Pirates SP Ross Ohlendorf fetched.