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Saturday's Roto Roundup: Beer League Softball Game At Fenway

Saturday's roto roundup is highlighted by the 16-11 Red Sox win over the Yankees  where starters Josh Beckett and A.J. Burnett put up alot of crooked numbers.

1B, Albert Pujols, STL-Pujols hit his 2nd grand salami of the season, and we're not out of April yet!! Why pitch to Pujols with the bases loaded? You are better off walking him so he can ONLY knock in one run, instead of multiple runs.

SP, Randy Johnson, SF-pitching against a bad-hitting Diamondbacks team that strikes out alot, Johnson walked 7 in 3.1 innings, giving up 2 runs on 3 hits, and striking out only 2. I wonder if all the experts still think the Johnson signing was a great deal for the Giants. He now has an ERA over 6.

SP, Josh Beckett, BOS-Beckett got knocked around for 10 hits, 4 BBs, and 8 earned runs in 5 innings vs the Yankees. His ERA now sits at 6.00.

SP, A.J. Burnett, NYY-the Red Sox scored 8 runs on 8 hits, 3BBs, and 2 HRs in 5 innings of work. His ERA is now 5.47.

3B, Mike Lowell, BOS-Lowell was one of the many hitting stars in the Red Sox 16-11 win over the Yankees, going 2-5 with 6 RBIs.

OF, Jason Bay, BOS-after hitting the game-tying HR off of Mariano Riviera on Friday night, Bay went 2-3 with 3 RBI and 3 runs scored. Bay is a free agent at the end of this season.

2B, Robinson Cano, NYY-Cano hit 2 HRs and drove in 5 runs. Cano now has 5 HR, 15 RBI and is hitting .366 on the season. Cano is quickly making roto players forget his disappointing 2008 season.

SS. Yunel Escobar, ATL-Escobar lead the Braves 10 run attack by going 3-4 with 4 RBI and 3 runs scored, and a HR.

SS, Alexei Ramirez, CWS-Ramirez drove in 5 runs with a grand slam to lead the White Sox 10-2 win over the Blue Jays. Maybe this will be the start of a hot streak for the Ramirez who is hitting below the Mendoza line.

OF, Manny Ramirez, LAD-Mama said there would be days like this! Manny went 0-5 with 3 Ks vs. the Rockies on Saturday. Manny is hitting  .328 and Joe Torre says he still isn't locked in!!