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Fantasy Chat Stew 4/25/2009

The chat stew was complied to Dublin's The Answer, a band who recently toured with AC/DC.  The sound is more '70s rock than '80s metal.

The Dude Abides (Springfield): Discussion of the Yankee Stadium jet stream is mandatory. Yeah, I know, it's four games, but it's at least worth discussion and investigation. Also, has Pecota apologized to the Marlins yet?

Joe Sheehan: he ball flies. It reminds me of Arlington in that sense. Maybe it's small sample, warm days, any number of reasons, but certainly the day I was there, the ball traveled in a way that was surprising, even disorienting. "That's a fly to" I don't think it's good or bad--I don't think high-scoring environments are amoral--but my anecotal evidence is that the ball travels very, very well.

And yet...four games.

Shadyside, PA: I am concerned about Alexei Ramirez's slow start, I picked up Aaron Hill for this week. Was this a good move? Thoughts on what might be wrong with Alexei?
Steve Gardner: Well, you certainly can't go wrong with Hill the way he's been hitting. Consider yourself fortunate he was available. Go ahead and stick Hill in your lineup and bench Ramirez .. but this is a good week for Ramirez to get hot. Three games at home against the Mariners and three in Texas. If you're in an AL-only league, don't dare get rid of Ramirez. He could easily wind up as the best shortstop in the league by the end of the season. As I said earlier, he's prone to slumps ... but he's also prone to prolonged hot streaks.
Jeff (Toronto, Ontario): Good morning Sir, What do you think Joe Mauer's numbers look like at season end? Will he be a top 5 catcher? thanks,

Christopher Harris: Hi, Jeff. I just did a radio hit this morning where they asked me to name the two most significant injury situations right now, and with due respect to guys like Vlad Guerrero and Alex Gordon, I said Brandon Webb and Mauer. It sounds like the Twins are pretty happy with how Mauer's back is progressing, and they could have him back as soon as May 1. But it's a bad back, and anyone who's ever had a bad back (I have my hand raised) knows, you can never predict when it'll go out. Now, I'm not saying I'd rush out and sell the farm to trade for him. But I do think he was undervalued in fantasy drafts (which is why I own him in a few). I can see him at, say, 350 ABs, 10/60/.320. Does that put him in the top 5? Probably not. But it's close.

Eric: Port Chester, NY:: Say it. Say it. "Joe Biemel, Washington Nationals closer."

Matthew Berry: Eric Karabell and I discussed this very topic on Fantasy Focus this morning. EK think Garrett Mock gets the next chance if it's not hnranhan and I'm inclined to agree... that whole bullpen is a mess. Even tho Mock hasn't pitched well - none of them have and they want Mock in relief

Andy (Dallas): Buster, Is there any more word on Brian McCann's vision trouble? How will it affect the Braves if their second best bat is ineffective or out for a significant amount of time?

Buster Olney: Andy -- I am waiting for some calls to be returned on that this afternoon. Hopefully, it's OK; a Braves team without McCann is a different team -- that is the kind of injury that could be the difference between making the playoffs, or not.

Brian (AL West): Over/under on AL West champ wins? 84?

Rob Neyer: I'll go with the over, but not by much. Somebody will get lucky and win 86 or 87.

Joe (NY): Hey! I keep hearing random rumors that Papelbon might be headed for the DL - are these just rumors?

Stephania Bell : Joe - so far just a rumor, nothing official... 

Ramon: Charlotte: Will Yankee Stadium's HR potential increase the value of Swisher, Matsui and Damon?

AJ Mass: No doubt all Yankees left-handers may see a few extra blasts to their name this season... however, what I've failed to see anyone mention so far is that the Yankees haven't played a night game at their new digs. Wind patterns can be a lot different once the sun goes down, and I'd like to see what they are once first pitch is at 7:10 or so.

Erich (SF): Based on this Yankee bandbox talk, are you aquiring or selling high on Yankee hitters right now?

Tristan H. Cockcroft : I'm buying, because besides the ballpark, there's also the fact that Alex Rodriguez is due back in a matter of days (OK, maybe a week or two, but that's still "days"), which will bolster the offense. That said, I don't know that I could acquire any Yankees on the cheap. They're so discussed I think people know their true value. So I'd more stick with the ones I had and keep smiling.

Who hits the majors first?: Brett Wallace or Gordon Beckham?

Jim Callis: Beckham. I think the White Sox will need him quicker than the Cardinals will need Wallace, but it will be close.

Colin (Toronto): Would you drop either Millwood or Washburn for J Zimmermann?

Eric Karabell : I would probably drop Millwood to get Washington's new ace, but remember, he's a rookie. Be careful. He has more upside than Millwood, but will also have some growing pains. As for Washburn, I'm a believer. I just went on TV and said a year ago at this time nobody thought Cliff Lee was for real. How is Washburn different? Two 30-something lefties nobody would expect. Washburn has a new sinker and obviously it's working. I could see this being his best season. I won't trade the farm for him, but if I have a bench spot, I absolutely take the risk just in case. If he goes back to the old Washburn, you drop him. But trade Halladay for him, no.

Dorkchester, Ontario: What AL players, that have gotten off to a slow start, do you see catching their stride soon? Many thanks Ron.
Ron Shandler: If you do a sort by batting average or ERA and pick out the names that don't belong below the Mendoza Line, you probably can't go wrong. Alexei Ramirez is not going to bat .159 forever. Adrian Beltre, Howie Kendrick, David Ortiz. etc. etc. On the pitching side, Slowey, Sonnanstine, Lester, etc. The sample sizes are so small right now. If any of these players had posted these exact numbers in August, nobody would even notice.
Brad (texas): AJ I got a fever and the only cure is an answer. Talk to me about maybin and lind. Are these guys here to stay?

AJ Mass: I thought the only cure was more cowbell - silly me! I think Lind is here to stay, but Maybin may have one more trip to the minors in him - especially if the Marlins keep winning and he keeps not hitting.

Rob(NY): What are your thoughts on Ethier this year? He is have a great April. Is he a sell high Candidate?

Jason Grey: The insder part of my clipboard this week had a complete breakdown on ethier:

Bottom line is no, especially as it appears he's starting to hit lefties better.

Ryan (Richmond): Is it possible that Jim Bowden kidnapped Rizzo and is still showing up to work every day in a Rizzo mask? Sending down Milledge, all this uproar over the Dukes thing, giving Zim that huge deal. None of this seems productive to me.

Keith Law: Don't forget the release of Shawn Hill, too. That Zimmerman contract ... wow. They gave him Markakis money and he's maybe half the player Markakis is. They gave him more than Youkilis got (adjusting for the years covered - Alex Speier pointed this out on and he's not half the player Youkilis is. There should be no "face of the franchise" premium. If that's your face, put some damn makeup on.  

Mike (Cincy): Does Phil Hughes get the call for Tuesday and is this the promotion where he finally sticks? He has been very good so far this year.

Brendan Roberts: Good question, and I was just checking on this this morning. Wang was dominant in an extended spring training game, but it seems the Yanks still are leaning toward placing him on the DL and getting a look at Hughes. Obviously not official until it happens, but let's just say, in a deep-mixed leagues (14 or more teams), I'd pick up Hughes now in case he starts Tuesday and maybe even gets two starts next week.

Wood&Ludwick, Benchville USA: Who is the worst manager this season. LaRussa, for benching a .299 37 HR hitter against RH pitchers when the batter hits RH hitters better....or Scioscia for calling Brandon Wood up and not playing him and putting a Little Leaguer in the #3 spot?

Jerry Crasnick: Benchville, Geez, the Cardinals swept the Mets series, didn't they? Scioscia and La Russa are both great managers. But I will say I'm a little baffled by the Angels' unwillingness to just stick Wood in the lineup and let him play. If you're never going to have enough faith in the guy to give him a 300-400 AB shot, then trade him now while he still has some value.

Andrew (Philly): Hey Jayson! Belated congrats on your March Madness bracket...picking that Final Four exactly was pretty impressive. I haven't really followed the Phils minors leagues all that much; is Carolos Carrasco a legit mid rotation starter in a year or 2? Thanks!

Jayson Stark: Hey, anybody who was following my March Madness bracket deserves to have his question answered. I missed one game in the last four rounds of that tournament! So clearly, I'm covering the wrong sport. Anyway, Carlos Carrasco has top-of-the-rotation stuff. Whether he develops top-of-the-rotation mentality is the big question. He still has a lot of growing to do.

St. Paul Slim: You worried about Brian McCann's eye problem?

James Quintong : A little bit. Obviously, vision problems are an issue, especially for a good hitter like McCann. I'm not sure you can do much long-term right now (i.e. making a trade), but I'd definitely find someone off the waiver wire for some backup help. Heck, even his real-life backup David Ross has a little pop in his bat.