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Brandon Wood: A Thought Experiment

Brandon Wood was recalled three days ago and has not started a single game and has received 0 ABs. This drives fantasy players nuts as Wood causes dreams of a 20+ HR hitting SS.

We think Angels manager is guilty of unenlightened baseball decision-making in a variety of different ways. The team has needed power for years but continues to play the likes of Macier Izturis, Robb Quinlan and Erick Ayber exclusively. It has no power to speak of in the infield outside of 1B. Wood's insertion anywhere in the infield would immeidately make him the biggest power source from that area. Worse, the options Manager Mike Scioscia plays over Wood don't have the on-base skills necessary to ignore that lack of slugging.

For these reasons, Wood's inexplicable lack of opportunity baffles the mind. While I can be accused of carry a torch for Wood, here is a quote from Keith Law at ESPN. Sort of dispels the fantasy geek argument.

Daniel (Brooklyn): Brandon Wood - how has this guy not gotten a chance to start yet?

Keith Law: I'm not really clear on the plan with him. I mean, Izturis is your #3 hitter and you can't find room for Brandon Wood?

This isn't the only place where talented young players are thrust to the side in favor of less talented ones. In Washington, the Nationals banished OF Lastings Milledge to AAA a couple weeks after elevating him to the lead-off spot. The reasoning was character issues.

The Tampa Bay Rays dealt OF Delmon Young to the Twins with whispers he had character issues, too. This past winter, Young was declared a bench player in the crowded outfield, and those same whispers surfaced again.

Here's a though experiement straight from John Grisham's A Time To Kill. Would Angels' management catch this much flack if Brandon Wood were black?