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Quick Quiz - Hat Tip to Beyond the Box Score

1. Four of the top eight players on Yahoo's Player Rater are 2nd Basemen.  Name the four 2B.

2. This 13th ranked player has been benched 4 times in his team's first 15 games despite having no injury.  He's third in the NL in HR and RBI.  Name him.

3. This NL CF platoon has combined for a .369 with 15 runs, 3 HR, 14 RBI, and 2 SB.  Who are they?

4. This OF with 346 RBI in the last 3 years has 17 singles and no extra base hits in '09.  Who is he?

5. 37% K-rate, .333 OBP, .302 SLG.  Who's this "slugger"?

6. The top 4 ranked (according to Yahoo) relief pitchers reside in the AL and NL West.  Name them.

7. Team A is averaging a Home Run every 154.7 ABs and Team B is averaging a homerun every 17.6 ABs.  They're in the same division.  Name them.

8. These two teams pitching staff's are averaging K/9 at 9.00+.

9. Team A is 10-5 with a +38 run differential and Team B is 9-6 with a +3 run differential.  Who are they?

10. These 3 teams are a combined 2-16 in day games and 17-10 in night games.  Who are they?



1. Ian Kinsler (1),O-Dog (8), Hill (9), Utley (10)

2. Ludwick.  They need to start a petition in StL or something.  How is this guy riding pine twice a week.

3. Scott Hairston and Jody Gerut

4. Magglio Ordonez

5. Prince Fielder.  I stole this question from Beyond the Box Score's post from yesterday.  They were the inspiration for this post.  Their's is much better, check it out.

6. Bell (17), Broxton (19), Bailey (25), Francisco (43)

7. Oakland A's and Texas Rangers, I don't think I need to tell you which is which.

8. Chicago Cubs (9.36), Kansas City Royals (9.24)

9. LA Dodgers are Team A and SD Padres are Team B

10. Baltimore, Minnesota, Oakland