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Jaguars Sign Torry Holt

It's about time the Jaguars put a WR on the roster

The Jacksonville Jaguars made headway toward filling their void at wide receiver on Monday by signing veteran free-agent Torry Holt to a three-year deal worth roughly $20 million, according to Holt’s agent.

Holt, 32, was released by the St. Louis Rams — the only team he’s played for — in March in a cost cutting move that accompanied a shift toward younger players. Holt was also courted by Tennessee and drew interest elsewhere, but he opted for Jacksonville, which could be beneficial to both parties.

Great move by the Jags.  No, really, I wasn't being cynical that time. 

I don't know how much Holt has in the tank, but he's far, far, FAR better than any other WR they have on the roster.  I'm still not sold on David Garrard, and Holt will no doubt see a ton of double-coverage, but this is a great move for the fantasy value of both Holt and Garrard. 

If the Jags drafted a top WR this weekend, I'd be even more optimistic.