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Mixed League Pick-Ups

One of the more challenging decisions in mixed leagues is who to pick-up from the free agent pool given the active rosters are already filled with everyday players and the free agent pool has slightly inferior everyday options.  In single league formats, this isn't a question as any free agent who gets everyday ABs is scooped up.

To get an idea who is worth the gamble, looking to high stakes leagues where these decisions have a material consequence is wise.  Jeff Erickson of Rotowire has been providing a list of FAAB bids for his 15-team NFBC league.  I see this information as vital for pointing towards possible pick-ups in the standard, shallower, mixed leagues.

Of particular note to me is the bid on Washington Nationals' set-up man Joe Beimel.  With the bullpen massacre executed by the Nationals' front office last night, there is clearly opportunity there.  The fact that people paying more than a $1,000 to play thought Biemel interesting is all I need to know.

Of course, I had already picked-up Beimel following Hanrahan's second consecutive blown save on Saturday.  Seeing the moneybags in the NFBC do the same is soothing.

The top bid for the league was 9.9% of FAAB for Houston Astros SP Mike Hampton followed by a 4.9% bid for Boston Red Sox SS Julio Lugo.  For the rest of the bids click through on the link provided earlier.