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Bills Sign Dominic Rhodes, Fantasy Situation Clouds

Oh sure.  I go and tout Bills' RB Fred Jackson as a solid fantasy starter for Weeks 1-3, and what happens?  The Bills go and sign another starting RB!

Running back Dominic Rhodes agreed to a two-year contact with the Buffalo Bills, giving them an established starter while Marshawn Lynch opens the 2009 season serving a three-game suspension.

Rhodes is an eight-year NFL veteran who became a free agent this offseason after spending 2008 with the Indianapolis Colts. The deal was announced Saturday and comes after Rhodes visited the Bills this past week.

Thanks a lot Bills!

Actually, it's not as cut-and-dried as that.  The Bills are having problems signing Jackson to a contract, but, if he does return, there's no guarantee that Rhodes will start over Jackson.  Surprisingly, Rhodes actually led the Colts in rushing TDs last season with six and only had six fewer rushing yards than Joseph Addai.  Statistically, Dominic Rhodes was the same RB as Joseph Addai last year.

And the Colts still let him walk.  How often does a team let their team leader in rushing TDs walk away in free agency?   It can't be that common.   So while Rhodes makes a nice backup option for the Bills, he's not worth much in fantasy unless/until the Bills formally announce he will start.  And even if that announcement comes in the pre-season, the Bills could swap him out for Jackson during the first three weeks.  Or use both Jackson and Rhodes.   Ugh.

The best option, fantasy-wise, is for Jackson to be released/traded from the Bills, but that seems unlikely.   Right now, it looks like the replacement for the suspended Marshawn Lynch will be a fantasy mess.