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Faketeam's NL-Only Draft Results

I went into the draft focusing on drafting pitching, but couldn't pull the trigger on a few starters I was targeting as they were bid too high for my liking. So I drafted a roster full of offense, and will have to make some deals for a starter or two to shore up my pitching staff.

I felt that I overspent on some players like Ian Snell, Chris Coste, and Chris Iannetta, but got good value from Ryan Spilborghs, Chase Headley and Cody Ross. I own half of the Marlins starting rotation, but like Ricky Nolasco and Josh Johnson alot. Sean West could move into the rotation come mid-year if Andrew Miller struggles.

Some owners were baiting me into spending on Dodgers, and I was close on a few, but decided against overpaying for Manny Ramirez when one owner started the bidding around $44. At that point, I had already drafted Hanley Ramirez, Carlos Lee and Nate McLouth, if I am not mistaken.

I wonder if I should have spent that extra dollar on Clayton Kershaw instead of Adam Dunn??

I would have loved to draft Matt Kemp, but he went for more than McLouth did.

How did I do?

Manny Being Manny
Pos Player Salary
C Coste, Chris C PHI $3
C Iannetta, Chris C COL $16
1B Berkman, Lance 1B HOU $24
2B Fontenot, Mike 2B CHC $11
3B Cantu, Jorge 3B FLA $5
SS Ramirez, Hanley SS FLA $47
MI Renteria, Edgar SS SF $3
CI Johnson, Nick 1B WAS $1
OF Spilborghs, Ryan RF COL $1
OF McLouth, Nate CF PIT $27
OF Headley, Chase LF SD $1
OF Lee, Carlos N. LF HOU $35
OF Dunn, Adam LF WAS $19
U Ross, Cody CF FLA $2
P Sanchez, Anibal SP FLA $1
P West, Sean SP FLA $1
P Snell, Ian SP PIT $5
P Nunez, Leo RP FLA $2
P Corpas, Manny RP COL $5
P Johnson, Josh SP FLA $13
P Nolasco, Ricky SP FLA $18
P Hanson, Tommy SP ATL $2
P Motte, Jason RP STL $12
RES Alvarez, Pedro 3B PIT $1
RES McCutchen, Andrew OF PIT $1
RES Dobbs, Greg 3B PHI $1
RES Hairston, Jerry LF CIN $1
RES Wilson, Jack SS PIT $1
RES Bailey, Homer SP CIN $1