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Fantasy Chat Stew 4/18/2009

Last week's fantasy chat tidbits were compiled to Charm City Devils.  This week I'm going with The Last Vegas.  A similar sounding band being supported by the same Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue.

: Hey Steve, Have Bondy and Hill coming off the DL soon in my AL only league. Might drop an outfielder. Who would you drop between Andrew Jones, Matt Joyce, and Balentien? Second question, should I drop an outfielder, or go with just 11 pitchers? Right now, there is exactly 1 outfielder available on the waiver wire, Brayan Pena. Of the 11 pitchers, 10 of them are starters, and the other is Robinson Tejeda (liked those 6 K's Sa. night?), whom I think will eventually be starting, so I do have some depth in starting pitching options. On the other hand, I like being able to bench 3 pitchers. Thanks a lot.
Steve Gardner: Your first question may be academic with Joyce being sent to the minors to make room for B.J. Upton. However, I think he'll have the best season of the trio you mentioned. If you can't just reserve him, then dump Balentien. As for your second question ... If there's more depth on the waiver wire in terms of pitching, I'd tend to keep the scarce commodity and drop one of your pitchers. You still have two bench spots to play with.
Atlanta, GA: Do you feel that Swisher's great start (hitting 3rd and 4th in the lineup) coupled with the Nady injury makes him a potentially great fantasy value that went largely unnoticed during many drafts?

Jock Thompson: Certainly possible, but remember, part of Swisher’s draft devaluation was because he didn’t have a position during March. He was the odd man out, and if he cools off again as other Yankees get hot and healthy again, he could return there. The Yankees have a lot of offensive talent at the DH/OF/1B positions, and those who are hitting and healthy will likely get the playing time. As hot as Swisher is, he’s also been known for some deep slumps.

Jake(ny): Christopher, whats your take on David Purcey? Seems he will get a lot of strikeouts this season and ERA might be around 4. His walks and control will lead to horrible WHIP and losses right ?

Christopher Harris: Hi, Jake. Yeah, I know Matthew Berry likes Purcey as a sleeper, but I'm not buying it. I don't see him as a big strikeout guy, honestly (6 or 7 per 9), I don't see him getting many more than 150 innings, and I think eventually his WHIP will be a killer, like, above 1.40. I think there are way better investments out there.

John (NY): I've been searching for news on Joey Devine for a week and can't seem to find an update on his visit to Dr. Andrews. Is there any?

Matthew Berry: Just that he's going to be out for a long time. Casilla is the Ziegler handcuff you want, not Devine.

Zak (Cincy): Webb is hurt, we are worried, you are informed...

Stephania Bell : Zak: Love the simplicity of the statement. Webb - I think - looks worse from the outside than the situation really is. We know the insurance company would not insure his arm so he got no contract extension. To me, that's just a sign of the times - and he's a pitcher with some years on him. But he's been durable - and an offseason visit to Andrews basically confirmed that he looks like a pitcher - no unusual reason to worry. This has been mostly stiffness, a subsequent MRI still shows nothing, and I think it's just a slow start for him AND the team wants to be sure that nothing sends him over the edge. He skipped a start - they want to slow him down a bit - sounds like some bursitis - and while I never like to see a guy start out this way, something still tells me not to be that concerned.

Kyle (PA): Sustainable trend or short streak... Hafner HRs, Hudson .300+ average, Furcal looking old, Liriano hitable.

Tristan H. Cockcroft : I'm starting to believe in Travis Hafner ... I like Orlando Hudson for what he costs but I don't see him finishing at .300-plus (in no way is this intended to suggest I don't like him, it's just answering that question) ... Rafael Furcal was not my kind of pick in the preseason, so I'd be worried, yes ... and Francisco Liriano, total short-term thing. He'll be fine.

Ben (Centerville, OH): The Reds have recently made a lot of positional deciscions for some of their higher prospects declaring Todd Frazier a LF, Chris Valaika a 2B, Neftali Soto and Juan Francisco 3B, and confirming Alonso at 1B. To me it seems like a waste of athletic potential to put Frazier at LF instead of 3B, and Valaika's defense is good enough to handle SS for a few years and he is now blocked by Brandon Phillips. The Reds moves point towards them making some trades in the next 6-9 months, do their recent moves make sense or are they making some poor choices on who is playing where?

Jim Callis: I wouldn't say "poor choices," but I think they moved some of these guys before they had to. I agree Frazier would fit nicely at 3B, but I guess they figured they had too many guys there. But now they have Frazier, Alonso and Votto for two spots (LF and 1B). I would have waited to move Valaika, too. Will be interesting to see how this all shakes out in the long run.

Kyle (St. Louis): Derosa, Kendrick or Aviles the rest of the year?

Eric Karabell : DeRosa...

clint( st paul MN): jason-please answer! in a 16 team mixed league. last year there were studs that went undrafted. cliff lee, ervin santana, floyd and danks, and volquez. who are this years potential pitching studs that went undrafted in most leagues!? thanks a ton!

Jason Grey: Top of my head - Anderson, Cahill, maybe Davies in the mix - Hanson when he comes up, liking what I am seeing of Anibal Sanchez so far ( who a lot of people have forgotten about) - not necessarily studs in the Josh Johnson sense, but guys that have been overlooked a bit.

James (NYC): Jayson, everyone continues to talk about Peavy to the Cubs, but what about the Rangers? With their monster offense and outstanding group of prospects, do you see them making any deals for starting pitching this season? Peavy? Sheets? That division is so winnable..

Jayson Stark: One thing you have to remember in ANY Jake Peavy trade rumor you start or read is this: He has a total no-trade clause. He holds every card. So I don't see him going to Texas. Sorry about that. It's the Cubs and Dodgers, and I'm not sure where else, although LA/Anaheim probably isn't out of the question. So any other team you hear or dream about probably isn't happening.

Ron (Anaheim, CA): Hey Rob, quick question about the Angels. Been watching every game and not happy with Kendry Morales. Any word on whether or not they are going to bring up Brandon Wood? I think that's just the jolt they need especially with Vlad hurting.

Rob Neyer: Wood's too good to spend much more time down there ... What do you have in mind? First base for him? I'm not sure if he'll hit *that* much ... Morales deserves more time, and should be good enough to platoon, at least.