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Thursday Roto Round Up: Marco Scutaro Says Good Bye To "Scraptastical"

Marco Scutaro, SS Toronto Blue Jays:  A player who looked like the heir to Craig Counsell Scraptastically Scraptastical throne a couple season ago now looks like a legitmate mixed league middle infielder.  He has hit 3 HRs this season paired with 9 walks and six ks all from the lead-off spot.

Alex Gordon, 3B Kansas City Royals:  It's all the rage, kids!  Get your hip surgery now.  No need to wait until you're in your 60s! 

With Gordon out for a long time, the main beneficiaries will be second basemen Willie Bloomquist and Alberto Callaspo.  In mixed leagues, I'm not touching either.  In an AL-Only, I'd be indifferent to whichever one I got.  Bloomquist offers speed, and Callaspo offers potential to be an AVG plus.

Jeff Niemann, SP Tampa Bay Rays:  Even though David Price's seat warmer is 0-2 as a starter, the net effect of starting Price in the minors remains -1.  Holding a two-run effort against Neimann and Rays management is unfair.  Whether it was just luck that two runs scored on the ten runners Neimann allowed is another question.

Michael Bourn, OF Houston Astros:  Following a 1-3 day with two BBs and a SB, last year's stolen base version of Shawn Chacon circa 2004 is now hitting 286/375/383.  With all the focus on the speed of Emilio Bonifacio, maybe the other 90% of the mixed leaguers who missed out should go grab Bourn.

LaTroy Hawkins, RP Houston Astros:  The former Twins closer notched the first save of the season for the Astros.  This morning's Houston Chronicle reports closer Jose Valverde missed that rare chance thanks to a sore back.