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Falcons' Offer For Tony Gonzalez Rejected

According to our sister SBNation blog Arrowhead Pride, the Chiefs turned down a trade offer for TE Tony Gonzalez.

Frank Boal of FOX4 in Kansas City is reporting the Kansas City Chiefs have rejected a trade offer from the Atlanta Falcons for tight end Tony Gonzalez.  The offer was for the Falcons' 55th overall pick according to Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post.

If the Chiefs won't take a second round pick, then I don't think they're going to be trading Gonzalez anytime soon.   I'd be surprised if they got more than that from another team -- though I guess anything is possible.    How good would the Falcons have been with Tony G around as target for Matt Ryan?   Wow.

Gonzalez isn't exactly stuck in the QB wilderness now -- Matt Cassel is supposed to be pretty good -- but a trade for the Falcons would've done wonders for his (and Ryan's) fantasy value.