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Sell On Brandon Webb

Brandon Webb was placed on the disabled list following a 6 ER/4 IP Opening Day start. Between were reports he would make his next start and that his shoulder checked out fine. This type of escalation is a sell signal. The problem is whether or not a Brandon Webb owner would sell and whether there is someone to buy.

After a Webb owner decides to sell, he must decide how much less he would accept for Webb now that he is "impaired". Some would advise accepting nothing but full value given the season is young and the medical opinions are not dire. Just like a bank's toxic assets, no one will trade for Webb at that unrealistic valuation.

Once a discounted value is determined by the seller, he must approach, or be approached by, another team. Here is where trade talks will breakdown. The buyer will likely be hesitant to deal any player who is off to a scorching start i.e Emilio Bonifacio or Adam Lind or unwilling to deal one of his top five or six hitters.

The negotiations will hit an impasse, and the Webb owner must decide on a package of mid-rounders who are not off to a torrid 2009. I believe this should be done.

The injury concerns surrounding Webb right now are enough to sell. What can't be perserverated on is what Webb might do if these red flags are nothing but a tired arm period but what you get regardless of Webb's remaining 2009. Nor should one use C.C. Sabthia's 2008 start to justify not cutting bait on a top starting pitcher. Unlike Webb, Sabathia wasn't placed on the D.L.

You are safer with Pablo Sandoval and Todd Wellemeyer rather than nothing from Webb.