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QB Byron Leftwich Signs With Bucs, Might Start

Because if you know the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you know they can't have too many guys on their roster.  80 guys?  90 guys?  Not enough!  Sign some more!

Leftwich, heading into his seventh NFL season, was a backup for Ben Roethlisberger with the Steelers last year and threw for two touchdowns and a 104.3 rating in a limited role. He'll get $7.5 million over two years for the Bucs, who also re-signed one of their reserve quarterbacks, Luke McCown, to a three-year deal earlier this year.

Leftwich spent four seasons as the starter in Jacksonville, which selected him in the first round (seventh overall) in the 2003 draft out of Marshall. He was the second quarterback drafted in 2003 behind Carson Palmer by Cincinnati.

Wow, the 7th overall pick in the draft.  That's hard to get your head around.

The Buccaneers now have four QBs on their roster: Leftwich, Brian Griese, Luke McCown and Josh Johnson.  No, I don't know who the &^% Josh Johnson is either.  Out of the four of them, the Bucs are going to pick a starter.  And whoever it is will have value in your fantasy league, so try to pay attention.   I know, it won't be easy.

Personally, my money is on Leftwich right now. He got the shaft when the Jags made David Garrard the starter (Garrard's record as a starting QB since 2006: 19-19) and I think Leftwich could be a decent fantasy QB2 in larger leagues.