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NFL Free Agent QBs for 2010

Courtesty of, here's a list of QBs that are scheduled to be unrestrictred free agents in 2010.   

Mark Brunell                  New Orleans Saints     
Jason Campbell          Washington Redskins    
David Carr                     New York Giants    
Kellen Clemens           New York Jets    
Brodie Croyle                Kansas City Chiefs    
Jake Delhomme          Carolina Panthers    
Jeff Garcia                     Oakland Raiders    
Joey Harrington            New Orleans Saints    
Tarvaris Jackson          Minnesota Vikings    
Jon Kitna                        Dallas Cowboys    
Eli Manning                    New York Giants    
Josh McCown                Carolina Panthers    
Kyle Orton                       Denver Broncos    
Patrick Ramsey             Tennessee Titans    
Chris Redman               Atlanta Falcons    
Philip Rivers                   San Diego Chargers    
Ben Roethlisberger      Pittsburgh Steelers    
D.J. Shockley                 Atlanta Falcons    
Brian St. Pierre              Arizona Cardinals    
Andrew Walter               Oakland Raiders    
Charlie Whitehurst       San Diego Chargers

He's not listed, but Matt Cassel will be also be a free agent in 2010.

That is a lot of talent.  You would expect guys like Manning and Roethlisberger would be resigned by their teams, but you never know what kind of money they'll be asking for.

I don't think there's a guaranteed connection, but it does seem as though players often have career years when they just happen to be playing for a contract.  All these guys will be playing for a contract this year, so you might want to move them up your draft list a spot or two.