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Brandon Webb and Cole Hamels: Sell Low or Hang On?

Brandon Webb and Cole Hamels were both early round choices in many drafts over the last few weeks. Sometimes spring training stats mean nothing for many hitters and pitchers, but when two stud starting pitchers get knocked around like these two did, fantasy /roto players should take notice.

Both Webb and Hamels put up alot of crooked numbers in spring training this year. Hamels, in 7 2/3 innings, gave up 8 runs on 8 hits, a 9.30 ERA, but a sterling 10-1 K/BB ratio. Webb, in 17 innings, gave up 11 runs on 20 hits, a 5.82 ERA, and a 17-7 K/BB ratio.

Both Webb and Hamels got knocked around in their first starts this year, causing many fantasy owners to wonder what to do with their ace starting pitchers. Do they sell low or just hang on for their next start and hope for the best?

Recent news thay Webb visited Dr. James Andrews certainly cannot help Webb's value at this point. Add in the fact that he pitches in a weak NL West division which is home to 3 pitchers parks, and I would recommend holding on to Webb, unless you can get good value for him.

Hamels, may be another story, especially considering Charlie Manuel's comments after yesterday's outing in Colorado:

"I'm concerned about him," Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said. "He had a hard time locating pitches. He had a problem with his command, locating the ball where he wanted it."

"Cole Hamels doesn't pitch at 86 mph. He pitches 88, 93. That's a huge difference," Manuel said. "That tells me that he's not quite ready yet. He threw 80 pitches and he got some work in, but at the same time he's way better than that."

Manuel went on to say that he is not sure Hamels will make his next start. Hamels is one of the many young starting pitchers who saw their workload increase by more than 30 innings in 2008, and Hamels was held out of his opening day start with elbow problems.

Fantasy owners may not have to make a decision on Hamels should he land on the DL, but if I owned Hamels, I would be reading every Philly newspaper links on the Faketeams site daily until he makes his next start.

In both cases, owners may not get the return they were looking for should they decide to deal either Webb or Hamels at this point in the season.