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Denver Announces Jay Cutler To Be Traded

The Jay Cutler Opera continues in Denver.  As this episode begins, Jay decides to blow off the Broncos off-season conditioning program which means he gives up a $100,000 bonus.

The Broncos' offseason conditioning program officially consists of 59 days, with the final date June 26. Cutler has forfeited his $100,000 workout bonus as he already missed more than 10 percent of the sessions. That leaves him with a $1.035 million salary for the 2009 season — providing he rejoins the team by training camp.

Now I understand that Cutler feels that his new boss (Head Coach Josh McDaniels) hates him and is out to get him.  And Cutler might be right. 

But personally, my boss could insult my mother, throw a dead fish at my wife and call my children ugly if I was getting paid $100,000 to FREAKING WORK OUT!!! 

Let's face it, in this economy the list of things I'd do for $100,000 is growing every day.  "Get your butt out of bed and go to the gym" is certainly one of them.  

So it shouldn't be surprising that the Broncos have finally decided to get rid of Cutler

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen released a statement saying both he and McDaniels had been unable to get Cutler to call them back over the last 10 days. Bowlen said he spoke with Cutler's agent, Bus Cook, on Tuesday and came away convinced "that Jay no longer has any desire to play for the Denver Broncos."

Therefore, Bowlen said, "We will begin discussions with other teams in an effort to accommodate his request to be traded."

I wonder if a Draft Day Cutler-Cassel swap with the Chiefs is out of the question?