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Picked Off: Spring Training Boxscores 3/7/2009

3B Brandon Wood, Los Angeles Angels:  I know there is no way he can win the 3B job in Anaheim, but I have to comment on him anyways.  After hitting clean-up and going 2-3, Wood is 8-17 with just one strikeout and fifteen total bases.  With no walks and 2 SBs, Wood looks like a Mike Scioscia type of player right now.  Wood's SS-eligibility makes him an excellent low risk/high reward player in AL-Only leagues.

C Taylor Teagarden, Texas Rangers:  Despite an oh-fer today, Teagarden caught two runners stealing.  One was Dayan Viciedo, but the other was Jerry Owens.  I expect Teagarden to be the 100-game catcher in Texas with only his lack of offense, or Jarrod Saltalamacchia's emergence of it, preventing him from being a 130-game backstop.

1B Travis Ishikawa, San Francisco Giants:  The leading candidate to play 1B is now hitting .400 with a .720 slugging.  The issue is his zero walks.  Spring Training stats are somewhat meaningless, but I can't help thinking zero walks is not.

OF Coco Crisp, Kansas City Royals:  Crisp went 2-2 with a walk and now trails just Albert Pujols for the Spring Training lead in walks.  With Crisp slated to lead-off all season for Royals, a jump in walks will naturally lead to more stolen base opportunities.  Crisp stole 20 in just 361 ABs last season.  30+ is not unrealistic.

1B Mike Jacobs, Kansas City Royals:  At the other end, Jacobs is tied with Andruw Jones and Adam LaRoche for the Spring lead in strikeouts with 10.  Jacobs does have three HRs, but one has to wonder how much rope Jacobs will have if he can't do anything but hit HRs.  Kila Ka'aihue can strikeout and hit HRs, too, but he takes walks.